Beechwood Pool Refurbishment Updates

Update 22nd July 2019

You may have heard our pool is undergoing some major changes and we would like to share the exciting developments and updates with you over the coming weeks.

Over the next few weeks our swimming pool and surrounding areas will be undergoing a refurbishment to improve the facilities and user experience. The work is scheduled to take six weeks and will see major changes to the pool, plant room, ladies changing room and the general surrounding area.

On Sunday 21st July the Swimming Pool and Coffee Shop will close while the building work starts. We will keep you informed of our progress via Facebook, Beechwood Centre website and on our internal and external Notice Boards.

Thank You all for your continued support. The changes we are implementing will be of great benefit to all our customers helping to make an enjoyable swimming experience.

Please note our lounge Bar and all bar activities will continue as normal.

Update 29th July 2019

The Beechwood Centre pool renovations are well and truly underway. We are delighted to say that so far excellent progress has been made and we are all getting very excited about this journey and how we will all benefit from these vital changes and updates. This week we saw the swimming pool drained, a huge job in itself and then work began on removing all the pool tiles, with the plant room next on the agenda giving it more room for all the swimming pool equipment. Those of you who have been attending our swimming pool and community centre for years will notice a huge difference already. We will keep you posted, don't forget we will have regular Facebook updates, on our internal and external notice boards and on our website. Many thanks for your continued support and patience over this very exciting project.

Update 31st July 2019

Work is progressing well this week, always a good sign when carrying out building works! This week the project team are working on fixing the pool walls, there are years of wear and tear which needs fixing and repairing. The Beechwood Pool first came to our community 45 years ago and was last drained 30 years ago, so that's a lot of usage over the years, but so far we are delighted with the progress and we are all really looking forward to sharing the transformation with you soon.

Update 6th August 2019

Our pool development work started 3 weeks ago, and right now it's totally unrecognisable. The contractors are working hard to finish the drilling and digging ready to install the new main drain/underground pipe work and skimmers.
The lower ceiling, which is over the shallow end of the pool will be removed by the end of the week and our 40-year-old extinct coolers will be dismantled and removed. We are really starting to see the changes happen.

We thank you all for your continued support and understanding, please if you have any questions or queries do not hesitate to contact us on 01928 565104 or

Update 10th August 2019

A busy week at the Beechwood Centre, continuing with the building work in the pool, making great progress.
Over the weekend we will start to remove the ceiling with a view to starting next week sealing in the new pipe work, cementing and levelling the floors.
It’s starting to come together.
We continue to thank you for your ongoing support.

Update 13th August 2019

We are currently working on the swimming pool’s lower ceiling joists before we can prepare it for the new ceiling and the light fittings. A great deal of cement work is underway to secure the new sumps and drains, once completed the pool floor will be retiled. We are delighted with the work and progress so far.
We will be keeping you informed via Facebook and our external noticeboards. We have also installed a Beechwood Centre Pool renovations notice board inside, just by the front door, where you can see our weekly progress in detail along with photographs.
We thank you all for your continued support.

Update 23th August 2019

What a week we have had, our builders and contractors have really worked hard and we are starting to see the changes.
This week the pipework has been laid into the plant room and is being pressure tested.

Our Plant room has been dug up for the new layout and new skimmers are in and piped up.

As we previously mentioned we are also making some improvements to our changing rooms, the floors have been lifted and everything emptied ready for new drains and tiles, it’s all go.

We are delighted with the progress so far, we know there is still work to be done, but thank you all for your continued support with our pool renovation project.

Update 24th August 2019

During the initial stages of the pool refurbishment, when areas became exposed during the ongoing work, it became evident that there was more work than had originally been planned. The Management Team have therefore authorised the additional work to ensure the health and safety of our Owners and visitors.

We are aiming to complete our renovation project by the end of September and over the next two weeks we'll confirm our official reopen date.

All of the team, and the contractors, are working hard to ensure the work is completed as soon as possible and to the highest possible standards; we are sure you will be blown away with the improvements.

We appreciate that this delay is frustrating but under the circumstances the Management Team felt it was unavoidable. When the work is completed, we will have significantly enhanced swimming facilities for our Owners and visitors.

We will continue to post weekly updates on Facebook, our website and the new noticeboard. If you have any further questions or would like to discuss what is happening please email me at or call into the Centre.

Update 28th August 2019

Following our latest update, we can now confirm that removing the ceiling is well under way and the floor tiles and wall lights are on their way. Great progress has been made so far this week which is standing us in good stead. The plant room is also ready for the new concrete, so despite the change in weather conditions we are all working hard to complete our pool renovation. Keep an eye on our updates as we are hoping to deliver our reopening date soon.

We thank you all so much for your continued support during this renovation project.

Update 4th September 2019

Beechwood Centre Pool renovation update. As the pool is well underway, this week we have been focusing on one of our rooms off the coffee shop, which has now been fully plastered, and by Monday the walls will be ready for the final finish, it's great seeing everything come together. The new ceiling will be installed over the weekend which we are delighted about and the tiling will start. Keep a look out for our reopening date, coming soon! Thank you all so much for your continued support over the past couple of months.