Swim Timetable

Our newly refurbished swimming pool is 15x7m with a daily temperature of 32 degrees. This makes it the warmest pool in Halton, so ideal for babies right through to senior swimmers.

We have various different type of swim sessions:-

  • Adult Only - No children allowed
  • Adult and Child - All children must be accompanied by a swimming adult
  • General Swim - Open to all, children do not need to be accompanied
  • Parent and Child Bubble - Limited to One Adult and One Child with a maximum of 6 bubbles per session
  • Lane Swim - The pool is divided into 3 lanes with a maximum of 9 confident swimmers (to swim unaided and continuously) per session
  • Prebooked Weekend Swim Bubbles:-
    • Limited to 6 people from the same household (due to local lockdown rules) using half the pool.
    • We are unable to accommodate family groups booking 2 bubbles for sole use of the pool

Changing Rooms

Our changing rooms are currently unisex and are each divided into areas for the use of an individual

Poolside Lockers and Hairdryers

Lockers and hairdryers are currently out of use due to Coronavirus precautions
Please only bring what you need. Valuables only may be brought to poolside

Conditions of Use

Family Swim Bubble (Weekend Only)
Parent and Child Swim Bubble
Lane Swim

Swim Bubble Cancellation Policy

Pool Timetables

April 2021

Beechwood Babies and Beechwood Swimming Lessons are prebooked sessions and must be arranged in advance with our Swim School on 01928 565014 or by email to swimschool@beechwoodcentre.co.uk

Please check our Facebook page for any late changes to the timetable.

Pool Prices

Please note the price changes for Swim Sessions from 1st September 2020. Unfortunately, under the current circumstances, there are no concessions for any age groups at the moment.

From 1st September 2020

General Public
Parent and Child Bubble £5.00
Prebooked Weekend Swim Bubble £25.00
Adult £3.60
Child £2.10